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Storytelling as a Leadership Skill

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Storytelling for leadership and presentations, also known as Public Narrative, is the art of translating values into stories, and stories into action. How we motivate and lead other people to act depends on the connection we build between our values and experiences and theirs, and this connection is best built through stories.

At most organizations and companies working for social change, whether dealing with beneficiaries, colleagues, board members, donors, vendors or collaborators, the purpose of the organization requires moving people to act in ways that are often not primarily financially motivated. During the course, we will explore context, empathy, non verbal expression, real data, powerful metaphors and other important elements for effective stories. We will analyze public figures that have mastered the art of connecting and moving people to action and will help each other become better storytellers through practice.

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Juliana Calderón
Juliana is an actress, singer, scriptwriter, lecturer and Storytelling and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) facilitator.


Friday and Saturday from 9am to 6pm

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Amani Institute

Rua dos Ingleses, 182 - Morro dos Ingleses, São Paulo - SP, 01000-000

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