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Francesca Folda

Francesca Folda

Diretora Global de Comunicação

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I strongly believe in the power of communication for change making, when messages and values align.

Francesca has been working for ten years as an investigative journalist. While keeping her curiosity and passion alive, she explored different media and new languages, gradually assuming managerial roles in the publishing industry, up to becoming Head of all Sky Italia editorial internet websites and Editor in chief of Focus, the most sold Italian magazine. At the peak of her career in journalism, she resigned to travel and reconnect with her own values. Francesca has studied and worked at Amani Institute in Nairobi, Kenya for nearly two years. Back to Italy as Head of Cultural Impact and Corporate Communication of Sky for one year, she is now working as the Global Communications Director at Amani Institute.

Francesca loves working as a Business Advisor and Communication Strategist for global projects related to cultural and social change.