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Super Sema - Kukua - Magda Kanjejo

International Women’s Day Spotlight: Impact Stories From Across the Globe

By Lorenza Delucchi, Amani Fellow 2020, from Italy.In the last four days, I’ve traveled 4 continents. No travel restrictions, almost zero carbon emi…

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It takes a community to raise your changemaking career

If we learned one thing from 2020, it is that community matters. As we redefine our local communities it also becomes clear that supportive, inspiring…

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Cristina Preatoni

Searching for meaning in the midst of a pandemic

Written by Cristina Preatoni (Italy), Amani Fellow, 2020Spring 2020 has certainly been exceptional to me. In a dramatic chain of events due to the pan…

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Como fortalecer a sua rede para criar impacto social.

Se quer ir rápido, vá sozinho. Se quer ir longe, vá junto.Qualquer pessoa envolvida em criar impacto so…

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Amani Fellows fazendo noticia

Com o as festas de final de ano se aproximando, você pode estar procurando algo interessante para ler. Que tal uma seleção de artigos recentes escr…

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Why Amani’s SIM Program is Something You Don’t Want to Miss!

By: Anjali Das, Amani Social Innovation Management Fellow in BengaluruWhen I first decided to be a part of the Amani Institute’s Social Innovation…


Get Funding from the Swedish Government for our Social Innovation Management Program!

(Swedish Below) Thanks to the support of Amani Fellow, Emilia Hellqvist, Amani Institute has been recognized by the Swedish Government’s student …

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Quantifying my Immersion Phase in India

It’s been exactly one month since I’ve taken off on a sunny, frigid winter day in Berlin to arrive in Bangalore, marking my stay in India for the …

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