Shaping Entrepreneurship in Disruptive Times

Resources: WISEN

A publication about stories of Indian women entrepreneurs braving a pandemic.

The year 2020 has had enough events take place to warrant a place for it in future history books. And while we battled challenge after new challenge that we came upon, we were fortunate enough to work alongside 40 very inspiring women social entrepreneurs from all over India.

In the last 6 months of the year, we observed, trained, and learned from the multiple interactions we had with the founding member of WISEN (Women in Indian Social Entrepreneurship Network). And while supporting them in 5 thematic areas (Fundraising essentials, Wellbeing and Personal leadership development, Business Models, Scaling Strategies, Leading Teams), we encountered a treasure trove of stories and learnings that we thought had to be shared.

We hope that these stories and lessons learned will help other women social entrepreneurs across the globe in preparing themselves for the years ahead and equip them with new insights to lead their organizations through unprecedented times like these.