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Demystifying Social Impact Careers: a Conference in Bengaluru for Professionals, Recruiters and Leaders in the field

What does the “social impact sector” mean today? What is the range of career options in this field? Why do more and more people want a job that he…

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Why Amani’s SIM Program is Something You Don’t Want to Miss!

By: Anjali Das,  (second from the left), Amani Social Innovation Management Fellow, India Class 3.When I first decided to be a part of the Amani Inst…


Learning from the Fisherwomen of Kumta

By: Daniel Telli VogelAmani Social Innovation Management Fellow India Class 1When joining my organization as an apprentice during Amani’s Social Inn…

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Quantifying my Immersion Phase in India

02.04.2018It’s been exactly one month since I’ve taken off on a sunny, frigid winter day in Berlin to arrive in Bangalore, marking my stay in Indi…

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When Passion Isn’t Enough: How Amani Developed Aditi’s Social Impact Skills

Aditi has always had an innate passion for the social sector. But traditional education did not provide her with the skills needed to make social  im…

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Combining Social Impact with Private Sector Experience: Sriram in Samburu

Growing up in Chennai, India, Sriram always had a passion for animals. But in the traditional education system, he felt there wasn’t room to explore…

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