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Impact Investing India

Impact Investing: A New Lens for Social Change in India

Rising demand for socially responsible and change-driven financing has created new ways of disseminating capital. Over the past decade, the term “im…

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Amani Institute India Introduces Their Advisory Council

Amani Institute in India is very excited to announce the creation of a new Advisory Council. With experience ranging from advertising & storytelli…

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L4G India

Leadership For Growth: When “Prototype” Becomes Your Favourite Word

Amidst the one-year-since-covid-19 reflections, on Saturday, 13th March 2021, Amani Institute in India graduated the first cohort of an entirely virtu…

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When Innovation and Leadership Skills Help you Save a lot of Money

Tushar Gaware is the Co-founder and Lead (Central Production and Quality) at S4S Technologies, a food preservation company that invents new food proce…

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Leadership for Growth India

Leadership for Growth Program – Our Journey in India so far

There are very few organizational challenges that don’t have a solution – there’s always an innovative way to solve the problems we come across …

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IWSEN first webinar

Supporting Women Social Entrepreneurs in India

We're very happy to announce the launch of the Indian Women Social Entrepreneurs Network (IWSEN) program, in collaboration with ANDE India, and wit…

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Leadership for Growth India Class 1

Leadership for Growth Program Launched in India

Good leaders are one of the most important components of growing organizations. Strong leadership requires several elements working in harmony. The ri…

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Demystifying Social Impact Careers: a Conference in Bengaluru for Professionals, Recruiters and Leaders in the field

What does the “social impact sector” mean today? What is the range of career options in this field? Why do more and more people want a job that he…

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Why Amani’s SIM Program is Something You Don’t Want to Miss!

By: Anjali Das, (second from the left), Amani Social Innovation Management Fellow, India Class 3.When I first decided to be a part of the Amani Inst…


Learning from the Fisherwomen of Kumta

By: Daniel Telli VogelAmani Social Innovation Management Fellow India Class 1When joining my organization as an apprentice during Amani’s Social Inn…

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