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Charting a Future for Conservation with Local Communities at the Helm

One of the biggest polarities that we have in modern-day societies is between development and environmental conservation. The reality is that we do ne…

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10% Forest Cover in Kenya: Mirage or Possible?

“It's a matter of life and death for this country. The Kenyan forests are facing extinction and it is a man-made problem.” - Wangari MaathaiThe …

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wanjiku njuguna Amani Institute

Out of sight – out of mind? An Interview with Wanjiku Njuguna

Prison systems across the globe are in dire need of innovation. This is also true - or more urgently so even - for countries in which other pressing p…

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Shaping The World We Want to See

To effect sustainable positive change in the world, collaboration between people from different sectors is a prerequisite. Working in silos has been t…


Fail Faire 2019 Nairobi – The Art of Bouncing Back

By Selsabil Dkhil, Amani Social Innovation Management Fellow (Kenya Class 10)If you ask someone, or even Google about Thomas Edison, the first obvious…

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Get Funding from the Swedish Government for our Social Innovation Management Program!

(Swedish Below) Thanks to the support of Amani Fellow, Emilia Hellqvist, Amani Institute has been recognized by the Swedish Government’s student …

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When Passion Isn’t Enough: How Amani Developed Aditi’s Social Impact Skills

Aditi has always had an innate passion for the social sector. But traditional education did not provide her with the skills needed to make social im…

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Combining Social Impact with Private Sector Experience: Sriram in Samburu

Growing up in Chennai, India, Sriram always had a passion for animals. But in the traditional education system, he felt there wasn’t room to explore…

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