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leverage your strengths

Capitalize on Your Strengths in Your Leadership Journey

Who is a leader? This is an age-old question that has many answers depending on who you ask. One of our favorite definitions is by John Quincy Adams w…

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Changing the Culture of Feedback

Imagine that I am your manager and I have called you into my room to speak with you. I then say to you: ‘Your Name; I have feedback for you.’ What…

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How to Get Your Money’s Worth from Training your Staff

For many small and growing businesses (SGBs) sending an employee to a course or a program can be a big investment – timewise and financially. Hence,…

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How Product Sales at Moko Grew by 66% Thanks to Leadership Training

One of the mantras that we have at Amani Institute is that “knowledge has value when it is applied.” In the Leadership for Growth program, a key c…

Leadership for Growth India Class 1

Leadership for Growth Program Launched in India

Good leaders are one of the most important components of growing organizations. Strong leadership requires several elements working in harmony. The ri…

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Amani Institute wins the Argidius – ANDE Talent Challenge

Selected among 5 finalists globally to receive a 1 million Euro grant to scale its pioneering leadership program in East Africa, India and Brazil.…

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Burn Manufacturing Amani Leadership and Management for Impact( ALMI) program

Management Training for Social Impact at Burn Manufacturing

In emerging markets, small and growing businesses (SGBs) are critical to economic prosperity. They provide much needed jobs, help redistribute wealth …

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Kentaste Develops Managers Via Amani Institute’s Management Training Program

For many small and growing businesses (SGBs), acquiring the right talent to enable the business to deal with the complexities of growth is a huge chal…

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Digitizing The Informal Diary Sector To Unlock Smallholders’ Potential in Kenya

“Business is about people and if you want to invest in anything, the best investment you can make is in people”. Graham Benton, Lishabora Founder,…


The Talent Challenge For Small Businesses

Small and growing businesses (SGBs) are described as global engines of shared prosperity. They drive growth, promote sustainability, and support equit…