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3R Mozambique Maíra Valladares

Rethinking what is valuable, an unexpected journey to become CEO

Sometimes you just have a broad desire to make a social impact, using your skills to create tangible results. With this aspiration, Maíra Valladares …

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Amani Institute

Social Innovation Management – Learning Objectives and Interconnected Skills Courses

Embracing uncertainty is the mantra of our times. With some organizations calling it quits on remote work, and others restructuring and preparing for …

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Daniel Bennett

New CEO Announcement: Daniel Bennett to Lead Amani Institute

Amani Institute is delighted to announce that it has appointed Daniel Bennett as its new CEO to lead the organization into a new era of growth and s…

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Amani team 2020

Leveraging our Values in a Time of Crisis

At the beginning of February 2020, we gathered for a strategy planning meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. We couldn’t have imagined that a couple of weeks l…

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Lead Amani Institute into its Next Era: Apply to be CEO

We are thrilled to announce the search for a new Chief Executive Officer to lead Amani Institute. As Co-Founders, we will transition our roles to …

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An Unconventional Take on the Future of Education

By Roshan Paul, Co-Founder and CEO, Amani InstituteThis text below was inspired by a keynote Speech Arthan invited me to give in July at their virtual…

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Comfort, Stretch, Panic. Which Zone Are You In?

Have you ever been in a team or project for a long haul and craved a new challenge? Or do you recall a time when you had to push your boundaries and l…

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leverage your strengths

Capitalize on Your Strengths in Your Leadership Journey

Who is a leader? This is an age-old question that has many answers depending on who you ask. One of our favorite definitions is by John Quincy Adams w…

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Changing the Culture of Feedback

Imagine that I am your manager and I have called you into my room to speak with you. I then say to you: ‘Your Name; I have feedback for you.’ What…

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Creative Leadership in Times of Vulnerability

By Renata Ferreira, Amani Fellow from Brazil in 2018.Picture by @jamesponddotcoJust over four months ago, the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in…

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