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38 Fellows from 20 Countries: the Largest Social Innovation Management Class ever!

July 2020 marked a new beginning in Amani Institute’s program offering across the world. Our global Post-raduate Certificate in Social Innovation Ma…

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Arthan: a Panel on the Future of Jobs

Hard and Soft Skills, Mentors, and Purpose: How to Build a Career in the Impact Sector

Amani Institute led a panel discussion as a part of 'Building Civil Society Organizations of the Future', an online event series led by our partners A…

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Making a Difference during COVID19. Stories from China and Italy

During these difficult times, what can you do to make a difference? How has the world changed and how do we believe it will continue to change? On Wed…

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How to Leverage Your Network to Create Social Impact

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go togetherAnyone involved in creating positive impact knows: Creating social change is a mar…

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Destination India – Learning Abroad to Create Change at Home

By Abby TerHaar*When I was in high school, I told my parents I wanted to go as far away as possible from my home for college and work. A few years lat…

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Our Fellows Made the News!

With the holiday season approaching, you may be looking for something interesting to read. What about a selection of recent articles written by our Fe…

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Metztli Zepeda

What Is the Story You Are Telling Yourself?

By Metztli Zepeda* While doing a night walk in Periyar National Park near Bangalore, Octavio, one of the Fellows in my class, asked me: "Metztli, what…

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Fail Faire 2019 Nairobi – The Art of Bouncing Back

By Selsabil Dkhil, Amani Social Innovation Management Fellow (Kenya Class 10)If you ask someone, or even Google about Thomas Edison, the first obvious…

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Why Amani’s SIM Program is Something You Don’t Want to Miss!

By: Anjali Das,  (second from the left), Amani Social Innovation Management Fellow, India Class 3.When I first decided to be a part of the Amani Inst…


Get Funding from the Swedish Government for our Social Innovation Management Program!

(Swedish Below) Thanks to the support of Amani Fellow, Emilia Hellqvist, Amani Institute has been recognized by the Swedish Government’s student …

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