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Demystifying Social Impact Careers Conference

“Conferences Are just for Corporates”, and Other Myths about the Impact Sector

by Harshavardhan Palvatla*There are a lot of misconceptions about building a career in the social impact sector. Having just started my journey at Ama…

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Leading by Example for a Better Future for Africa

Working in social innovation and the impact sector is certainly a challenging yet ultimately fulfilling task. Lots of sacrifice, long working hours an…

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Jerry White, Roshan Paul, Vishal Talreja

Ashoka and Amani Institute, Shared Values in Action

(In the opening picture, Jerry White, Roshan Paul and Vishal Talreja) “Changemakers are people who can see the patterns around them, identify the p…

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Construindo uma carreira de impacto na Formação de Impacto Social (FIS SP) – Depoimento de Amanda Vitorino

Meu nome é Amanda, cheguei no Amani há pouco tempo, mas já conhecia e “namorava” o mesmo há algum tempo. Pra mim, essa vontade só se tornou p…

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Map The System Global Competition: Amani Institute awarded third place with Debora Souza’s project

Map the System Global Competition: Amani Institute awarded third place with Debora Souza’s project.2018 Social Innovation Management Fellow and Prog…

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Kentaste Develops Managers Via Amani Institute’s Management Training Program

For many small and growing businesses (SGBs), acquiring the right talent to enable the business to deal with the complexities of growth is a huge chal…

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How will positive change happen in the future?

If there's one thing that all experts and practitioners strongly agree on, it is that we all, as individuals, need to take agency. Now. It doesn't mat…

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Learning from the Fisherwomen of Kumta

By: Daniel Telli VogelAmani Social Innovation Management Fellow India Class 1When joining my organization as an apprentice during Amani’s Social Inn…

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Quantifying my Immersion Phase in India

02.04.2018It’s been exactly one month since I’ve taken off on a sunny, frigid winter day in Berlin to arrive in Bangalore, marking my stay in Indi…

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Combining Social Impact with Private Sector Experience: Sriram in Samburu

Growing up in Chennai, India, Sriram always had a passion for animals. But in the traditional education system, he felt there wasn’t room to explore…

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