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Leading by Example for a Better Future for Africa

Working in social innovation and the impact sector is certainly a challenging yet ultimately fulfilling task. Lots of sacrifice, long working hours an…

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Yung Han Gojo Amani Institute

Looking for purpose: from private investment in Taiwan to microfinance in Sri Lanka

The beauty of life is that sometimes life-changing opportunities come when least expected. This is what happened to Yunghan Chang, in 2016. Despite h…

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Influencing Change Globally Through TED Talks

Over the years, we have had numerous Amani Faculty including our Founder and CEO, Roshan Paul, share their ideas on a global stage at the TED events a…

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Kentaste Develops Managers Via Amani Institute’s Management Training Program

For many small and growing businesses (SGBs), acquiring the right talent to enable the business to deal with the complexities of growth is a huge chal…

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Get Funding from the Swedish Government for our Social Innovation Management Program!

(Swedish Below) Thanks to the support of Amani Fellow, Emilia Hellqvist, Amani Institute has been recognized by the Swedish Government’s student …

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Earn Your Diploma at UPEACE Through Amani Institute!

Did you know that after graduating from Amani Institute’s Social Innovation Management Program you also become eligible for the Diploma in Social In…

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