Teto Tutuma Performs at Amani Institute

July 16, 2013


We aim to transcend boundaries and we start with the classroom. Not only do our students go through an apprenticeship in the field, they also co-create with us, bringing the world into our training space. One example is the “Kenya Seminar” organized by our Kenyan students for their international colleagues. Teto Tutuma, an upcoming Kenyan musician, was invited by one of our current students to share his talent with us, in turn inviting us on a musical journey influenced by Maasai culture and tradition. He hails from the Maasai community and is locally referred to as a ‘Modern Maasai’. His performance and musical style is unique, yet anchored in tradition – a poetic, acoustic approach rooted in the ancient art of storytelling (cultural stories and heritage are traditionally passed on to the next generation orally in form of storytelling, music and proverbs).     Even though most of us didn’t speak his language, we were easily drawn into the magic of his music and stories. Check him out too; you can also follow him on Twitter.

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