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Reimagining a New Normal

by Zaakir Essa, Amani Fellow in 2017, from India.Unprecedented. I never thought I would ever hate a word as much as I have come to hate ‘unprecedent…

Lead Amani Institute into its Next Era: Apply to be CEO

We are thrilled to announce the search for a new Chief Executive Officer to lead Amani Institute. As Co-Founders, we will transition our roles to …

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38 Fellows from 20 Countries: the Largest Social Innovation Management Class ever!

July 2020 marked a new beginning in Amani Institute’s program offering across the world. Our global Post-raduate Certificate in Social Innovation Ma…

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An Unconventional Take on the Future of Education

By Roshan Paul, Co-Founder and CEO, Amani InstituteThis text below was inspired by a keynote Speech Arthan invited me to give in July at their virtual…

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When Innovation and Leadership Skills Help you Save a lot of Money

Tushar Gaware is the Co-founder and Lead (Central Production and Quality) at S4S Technologies, a food preservation company that invents new food proce…

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Leadership for Growth India

Leadership for Growth Program – Our Journey in India so far

There are very few organizational challenges that don’t have a solution – there’s always an innovative way to solve the problems we come across …

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Education for Change: The Role of Creativity and Imagination

A year ago, I had left teaching to pursue a new career path . With a passion for nature and a scientific background in ecology, I was looking to find …


Sustainability Canvas: From Amani Institute to The World

Text: Luiz Beltrami, Amani Fellow 2019At the end of 2019, I had the opportunity, together with Jelizaveta Degtyareva, or “Liza”, to present a repo…

Arthan: a Panel on the Future of Jobs

Hard and Soft Skills, Mentors, and Purpose: How to Build a Career in the Impact Sector

Amani Institute led a panel discussion as a part of 'Building Civil Society Organizations of the Future', an online event series led by our partners A…

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IWSEN first webinar

Supporting Women Social Entrepreneurs in India

We're very happy to announce the launch of the Indian Women Social Entrepreneurs Network (IWSEN) program, in collaboration with ANDE India, and wit…

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