Wanna be a Changemaker? 6 Reasons You Should Consider the Social Innovation Management Program!

January 30, 2021


Learn how Amani Institute is pioneering a pedagogical revolution through its holistic approach towards social impact education! Here are 6 features that form the core of Amani’s Social Innovation Management (SIM) program:


How often have we zoned out during Zoom lectures? How many times have we pinned our lecturer’s videos, only to stubbornly listen to their monotonic voices and watch their expressionless faces? In a world that’s never been more virtual yet more connected, it is important for online program managers to integrate interaction and active participation in their courses. The SIM course is structured around an interactive model that promotes dialogic discussion over monologic lecturing.

 “One thing that is special about SIM is that it is extremely interactive. The facilitators require active participation and we had countless personal engagements in breakout rooms in which we just forgot the time. When we were asked how the breakout session was after returning to the main Zoom room, the first answer was always ‘too short’”. 
 – Janina Peter, Amani Fellow 2020

Tailor-made Learning:

Our Fellows come from various walks of life, spanning across countries and sectors. However, our course is designed to maximize each candidate’s learning experience by personalizing their education. Thanks to our flexible assignment requirements, Fellows are given the choice to design their own deliverables based on what they hope to gain out of the course. The result is a highly applicable end-product that actually impacts peoples lives when put into fruition. 

“Of course, I value the face-to-face interactions, but the way I see it, for the online courses you just need the dedication and commitment to learn. And Amani Institute classes have a lot to offer, no matter the format. I knew I would have new skills and tools, and I can say that in fact, each day, I live in the expectation of what is coming next, to learn and apply on my job”.
 – Diluksion Francis, Amani Fellow 2020

Network & Community:

It’s often said that your network is your net worth. As ironic as it may sound, the same holds true within the impact sector, except your worth is measured not in monetary terms but in terms of the number of people’s lives that are improved by your actions. Amani’s instructors are not just professors, but practitioners with tonnes of global experience right from the private to the public sector. To add to that, most of our fellows are mid-career professionals and if you’re looking to venture into foreign playing fields but lack the expertise, this program is for you! 

“In a year of profound global, professional and personal transformations, I found a group of changemakers that guided me through a self-discovery journey that helped me understand better my value and how I want to contribute to others”. 
Laura Paonessa, Amani Fellow 2020


In a world dominated by tech-driven capitalism, our attention spans are raw materials for businesses. In light of that, our levels of awareness have diminished and taking the time out to delineate our intentions from our actions is imperative. By prompting fellows to dig deeper into their aspirations and career goals, the SIM program facilitates professionals to unearth their purpose and their reasons for wanting to deliver social change. Only with that clarity can one embark on the journey of creating impact.

“The inner journey helped me prepare myself mentally for the uncertainty that lies ahead as well as not burning out once I found the role I was looking for.”
Andrea Tan, Amani Fellow 2020

Diversity and Inclusivity:

Every one of us was raised in a society or culture that marginalizes the other. The ‘other’ may have looked different, and the ‘othering’ may not always have been so brutal, but nonetheless, every one of us has witnessed or experienced discrimination in some shape or form. But while we may be intimately familiar with discrimination, that does not always mean that we have been raised to question it or educated on the words and concepts to combat it. The battle against systems of oppressions begins by dwelling on the commonalities we share with people across borders and sidelining the differences. The general consensus among our Fellows is that interacting with people from basically every continent during the course allows them to look at their subconscious biases and fears  in a different light. 

“I remember how nervous I was talking to people from Kenya, Indonesia, Italy, and so many other places, but at the same time that was when I knew I was in the right place, where I had to be.”
Maria Camilla Grisales, Amani Fellow 2020

Real-World Application:

At first glance, it might seem that an online program might not hold a lot of relevance beyond the screen. However, the assignments and projects of the SIM program are built around real-world applications. For instance, the social innovation project that culminates the course is not just a hypothetical case-study but a real-world live case that you work on and is facilitated by mentors and instructors with professional experience in that field. We understand that social change requires effort and why not kickstart your impact career while doing the course itself? 

“I found that I benefited tremendously by having the time and space to focus on my apprenticeship placement and social innovation project, even building it into a fully fledged business by the end of the five-month program. ”
Sarah Hayes, Amani Fellow 2020

With COVID-19 still very much rampant and digital learning the new norm, Amani’s SIM program is certainly one of million online courses out there! After all, the virtual education market is blossoming and it only makes sense for industry players to seize the opportunity. However, if the aforementioned list resonates with your values and career aspirations, do not let this program slide by! 

Learn more about the program and application process here: 

Scholarship Deadline: January 31st, 2021
Application Deadline: February 15th, 2021


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