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“Social innovation is a mindset and a process that can be taught, learned and reinforced with practice… [Organizations should] ensure they are building their staff’s innovation capability by offering access to training.”

This was a major conclusion of a research study conducted by Bond, Oxfam and the Social Innovation Exchange in 2016. We wholeheartedly agree! It is critical for organizations of every kind to invest in building the skills of their stakeholders (staff, clients, grantees, or beneficiaries). 

To enable the ongoing professional development and lifelong learning of people inside institutions, we offer customized training programs for leading foundations, NGOs and corporations in a number of topics critical to professional success in the 21st century.

Programs Offered

  • Social Innovation
  • Bio-Empathy: Learning from Nature
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Design Thinking
  • Leadership Development
    • Civic Leadership
    • How to Scale Your Social Enterprise
    • Storytelling as a Leadership Skill
    • Empathy for Business Success
    • …and many more

    Customized Training for Each Specific Organization

    We work individually with each organization to develop the type of professional training they need. So far we have worked with over 75 clients in South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    We would welcome the opportunity to do the same for you, depending on your needs and aspirations for your team or clients. 

    NGO’s and Companies

    We work with a wide range of NGOs and social enterprises, to help them increase their impact by delivering customized programs for their staff, clients, beneficiaries or grantees.


    To enable the ongoing professional development and lifelong learning of people inside institutions, we offer customized training programs for leading foundations, NGOs and corporations in a number of topics critical to professional success in the 21st century.

    For educational institutes

    We enjoy working with leading universities and other educational institutions to adapt our methodology towards their needs – whether for faculty, staff, or students.

    Businesses in East Africa

    It is an inspiring and highly engaging learning program combining classroom-based courses, business application, online learning, as well as a strong emphasis on networking.

    Client Cases

    Mary Tangelder Regional Education Specialist, Finn Church Aid 
    Amani Institute gave us the opportunity to renew and refresh our passion, and find new ways of working together. And we really needed it.ROSAIA RUBERTO Regional Coordinator, CISP
    Carrie Rich, Founder of Global Good Fund
    "Amani's training approach is unlike any other model I have witnessed - experiential, practical learning at its best. I recommend Amani to people I meet across the globe. Learning with Amani was so enriching as a student that I ask Amani to facilitate and train at our annual summit every year."-  CARRIE RICH, Co-Founder and CEO, Global Good Fund

    Interested in a customized training program?

    Work with Amani Institute to develop the right training for your staff, beneficiaries or other stakeholders. Please email Roshan Paul to learn more: [email protected]

    Examples of our work


    Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) – East Africa
    Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) – East Africa
    • Civic Leadership
    • 450 emerging leaders from 15 countries in East, Central and the Horn of Africa
    Green Belt
    Green Belt movement wPOWER Program – Kenya
    • Building Energy Enterprises
    • 30 Women-led energy enterprises across Nigeria, East Africa and India (Train-the-trainer course)
    International Peace and Security Institute – Italy
    • Social Entrepreneurship and Peacebuilding
    • 50 students and Practitioners from around the world


    Vodafone – Netherlands
    • Storytelling as a Leadership Skill
    • Marketing and Branding department at Vodafone NL
    African Management Initiative (AMI) - Pan-Africa
    • Designing for impact: Innovating with Local Communities
    • Developed Curriculum for MOOC offered by AMI for Entrepreneurs and managers across Africa. Over 1000 people enrolled so far

    SupernovaSupernova – Programa Redes – Instituto Votorantim – Brazil
    • Personal Development, Communication and Leadership
    • 30 staff members from all over Brazil


    The Global Good Fund
    The Global Good Fund – USA
    • How to Scale Your Social Enterprise
    • 25 social entrepreneurs and executive coaches from around the world
    Fundação Arymax - Brazil
    • Entrepreneurship
    • 10 participants of the Young Talents Program
    Segal Family Foundation
    Segal Family Foundation – East and Southern Africa
    • Design Thinking
    • 35 grantee organizations in Segal Family Foundation’s youth development portfolio
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