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We support both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to create lives of meaning and impact through a new model of higher education. We are not just training a highly skilled workforce, but also helping organizations work more effectively in pursuing social change. We also work with innovative universities towards shaping a new approach to higher education.
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Social Innovation Management

  • Course runs in English
  • Next Program: February 5, 2018 – November 5, 2017

This unique, field-based program brings together a diverse cohort of 40 individuals to take their professional skills to the next level, build a global network, and understand how to create change, while exploring a city with a thriving innovation culture. Over nine months, Fellows will train at the depth and pace necessary for success – the intensity is equivalent to a 2-year traditional post-graduate or masters degree.

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social innovation, social entrepreneurship, professional skills

Professional Courses

  • Courses run in English
  • In Sao Paulo or Nairobi

We provide highly interactive 3-day courses on cutting-edge professional skills, led by international experts, and based on real-life cases and challenges. Main areas of focus: Leadership, Management, Creativity, and Communication.

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Increasing capacity for social innovation and greater impact through customized trainings


  • Location flexible: we come to you!

We work with a wide range of NGOs, social enterprises, private companies and foundations to help them increase their impact by delivering customized programs for their staff, clients, beneficiaries or grantees.

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social innovation, higher education, universities, social entrepreneurship

Educational Institutions

  • Location flexible: we come to you!

We partner with universities and other educational institutions eager to give their students a head start in their careers. We do this through teaching courses, training faculty and staff, and developing new curricula together.

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