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Life in Bengaluru

An introduction to the city

Bengaluru, also known as Bangalore, is known as both the “Garden City” and “Silicon Valley” of India. The birthplace of many global IT companies, social enterprises, and NGOs, Bengaluru serves as an Indian and Asian hub for innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs of all sectors. A cosmopolitan city of more than 10 million people, it is a melting pot of languages and cultures from all over India and the world.

As the world’s largest democracy, few if any countries are more important than India when it comes to the practice of social innovation”, noted the Stanford Social Innovation Review. From Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave to modern day icons like Mother Theresa, Dr. Venkataswamy, and Ela Bhatt, India has had some of the most renowned changemakers in history. Thus, it is no surprise that India is home to hundreds of thousands of NGOs and social enterprises, and likely has the world’s biggest civil society after the United States. Some of these are among the world’s largest nonprofits, and many India-based social enterprises are global thought leaders in areas such as energy, education, and public health – making it a perfect hub for Amani!

Tips about night and social life

From Bollywood dancing to breweries, Bengaluru hosts a wide range of social and nightlife activities. Go trekking in the nearby hills to experience extraordinary views of the area or partake in a yoga class right here in the city! For nature lovers to fitness enthusiasts and everyone in between, there is something for every interest in Bengaluru!

Life outside the program

Bengaluru isn’t simply a hub for entrepreneurs and innovators; it also boasts a prominent cultural scene. Outside of the city, the opportunities to experience some of the richest and oldest culture in the world are endless.

For more information on life in Bangalore, you can also reach the India SIM Program Manager, Melissa Hayes here.