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Social Innovation Management Special Edition

The Online Certificate in Social Innovation Management is a 5-month intensive program where you will learn by doing, train with master practitioners, gain skills and build networks, all for the career YOU truly want, no matter where you are located.

All around the world, people are asking what they can do to help in the face of a once-in-a- lifetime global crisis. Thousands of people everywhere want and need to play a role in building a better world going forward. This fully-remote special edition of our award-winning program responds to this urgent global need for changemakers to shape the future through careers of impact. Are you one of them?

The Social Innovation Management program runs in English and it is open to people from all over the world. For the first time ever, you can do the program from anywhere in the world you are based. You can also do it even if you are currently working.


Current Program DatesLocationsScholarship DeadlineFinal Deadline
July 20th - December 18th 2020Global- OnlineJune 22nd , 2020July 6th 2020

Our promise

You will build the global network, professional experience, self-awareness, leadership capacity, and innovation skills you need to create change.


The Program

This is not a typical online course where you just watch video lectures and comment online. This is a high-intensity interactive experience.

The practical nature and the highly-personalized elements of the program mean that you join live classes, receive personalized coaching sessions, and practice your learning in a tailored way.

Through this innovative program, you will gain both systemic and granular understanding of the social impact sector, as well as build cutting-edge 21st-century skills with the help of global practitioners who are masters in the fields of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Management, Communication, and Innovation.

You will become part of an engaging global community of impact professionals while experiencing a collaborative methodology and using online tools that are going to be more and more relevant in the future of work.

You will also think deeply about your own goals and motivations, align who you are with what you want to do, and create a new strategy for your career.

Program Structure

  • Weekly classes
    • 2 120-minute live interactive webinars per week, at fixed times and dates that will be announced well in advance at a time most suitable for everyone to participate from all over the world (most likely at 3 pm UTC on Tuesday and Thursday)
    • 1 120-minute session per week, in smaller groups based on timezones of participants, to build a deeper connection with the instructors and to get feedback on your work.
    • 8 hours of independent work per week
  • Personalized coaching sessions across the 5 months of the program
  • A wide range of networking opportunities to introduce you to the global community of impact professionals, with guest speakers, online gatherings, one-to-one connections.
  • ‘Global dialogue’ video calls with Fellows from other countries and webinars with Amani alumni to learn from peers and strengthen your connection to our community of 500+ Fellows from 63 countries
  • With our emphasis on real-world application, you will also have the opportunity to apply on the job what you learn in the online sessions, and make sense of the social impact sector.

Not sure how each element of the program work?

Check out the program outline. DOWNLOAD THE PDF

Stay in touch for future digital editions of the program

Gain Expertise

Gain Expertise

10 highly interactive and practical skills courses

  • The Practice of Social Innovation - Instructor: Pauline Ndonga, Amani Institute
  • The Inner Journey of the Changemaker - Instructor: Raiana Lira, Amani Institute
  • Building Intrapreneurship Skills - Instructor: Flavia Cerruti, Amani Institute
  • Managing your Career in the Impact Sector - Instructor: Arjun Sashidhar, Amani Institute
  • Bio-Empathy: Learning Innovation from Nature - Instructor: Denise DeLuca
  • Storytelling as a Leadership Skill - Instructor: Ameen Haque
  • Brand Thinking for Changemakers - Instructor: Anne Miltenburg
  • Measuring Social Impact - Instructor: Tena Pick
  • Fundraising for Social Impact - Instructor: Carrie Rich
  • Leading Purpose-Driven Teams - Instructor: Robert Wolfe

The courses provide practical tools and methods to help you master the topics – in total, you will learn more than 70 new tools/frameworks that you can apply immediately in your work.

The courses are so practical. Each week I find myself applying what I learnt the previous week into my current job." NATALIE LUKKENAER (Netherlands), Kenya 2015.

Faculty and Guest Speakers

The faculty and guest speakers of the program are all global leaders in their fields and active practitioners of social change, including (but not limited to) the following:


Ilaina Rabbat

Amani Institute, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Roshan Paul

Amani Institute, Co-Founder and CEO

Denise DeLuca

Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, Co-Founder

Ameen Haque

Storywallahs, Founder

Tena Pick

Project Kal, Founder

Robert Wolfe

THNK, Core Faculty

Carrie Rich

The Global Good Fund, CEO

Anne Miltenburg

The Brandling, Founder / CEO

Jerry White

Nobel Peace Prize Co-Winner

Mihela Hladin

Patagonia Europe, Director of Environmental Initiatives

Teresa Chahine

YALE, Lecturer

Eva Kaplan

International Rescue Committee, Regional Director of Innovation

Celia Cruz

Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial, Executive Director

Fabio Alves

Educational Technology and Social Business Expert

Olivia Muiru

B Lab East Africa, Board

Joram Mwinamo

WYLDE International, Founder

Likumbi Kapihya

Bongo Hive, Hub Manager

Pedro Telles

Legislative Assembly of São Paulo, Chief of Staff

Femi Longe

Qiesto Learning, Co-Founder and CEO

Arun Cherian

Rise Legs, Founder

Srini Ramaswamy

Pride Circle, Co-Founder

Gain Experience

Gain Experience!

Apply on the job

With our emphasis on real-world application, from September to December you will also apply on-the-job what you learn in the virtual sessions, and make sense of the social impact sector. You will work a minimum of 24 hours a week, through:

  • Targeted application in your own place of work if you already have a job or your own start-up, OR
  • A guided process to find your own 3-month apprenticeship in the city where you are located, OR
  • An online consulting project selected for you by Amani Institute in a social impact organization, where you will work in a team with other Fellows.

You will experience first-hand the immense challenges and possibilities involved in social innovation. No matter where you are doing your practice, you will need to create a solution inside the organization. We refer to this as the “intrapreneurship challenge”.


Develop your own Social Innovation Project

During the program, you will develop a new idea to address a social problem or opportunity that you personally care about. Through our innovation methodology, we will guide you through a structured process for generating creative ideas. You will prototype a new idea for social change, see how the world reacts, and present your project to complete the program.


Build a special connection to a global community of changemakers!

More than 500 Fellows from 63 countries have already graduated and created an active community ready to inspire, support and challenge you on your impact journey. Further networking opportunities with guest speakers and global impact experts and practitioners will be specifically designed for you to provide you with a powerful lasting professional network of support.

Gain Experience

Gain Insight!

Align who you are with the work you want to do, and prepare for the road ahead.


Personal Leadership Development

Our signature personal leadership development curriculum, called The Inner Journey of the Changemaker, is a unique component of the program relative to other educational institutions. The course features many tools and practices of self-development to help you align your passions and purpose, understand how to manage yourself in a demanding field of work and thrive in a constantly changing world. Several past Fellows have called this course life-changing!


Individual Support

Throughout the program, you will have regular meetings with Amani staff to assess your progress and ensure you are continually learning and growing, coaching you to make the most of the experience and strategize about your career path. You may also have up to two additional coaching sessions after the program ends.

Who we are looking for

Diversity is one of the foundations of the Amani experience. The vastly different backgrounds of our Fellows are critical to the program, which thrives on the stories and perspectives they bring with them.

While we look for diversity in terms of personal and professional backgrounds, all of our Fellows go through a competitive selection process and share the Amani values.


Private Sector

Public Sector

Recent Graduate

Social Sector


Formal requirements

  • A university degree (undergraduate/Bachelor’s) OR
  • At least two years of practical experience (either working or volunteering) in the social sector
  • Alignment with our core values: Vision, Courage, Empathy, Changemaking and a Global Mindset

This program is for you

If you want your work to have meaning and impact and are a person with the courage, empathy, vision and determination needed to create change.



Learn more about the blended edition:
3-month online phase and 3-month immersion phase in Brazil or Kenya