Social Innovation Management

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management is a 6-month intensive global program where you will be learning by doing, train with master practitioners to unlock your potential, gain skills, and build networks for the career YOU truly want.

This blended program runs in English, with a 3-month Foundation phase online, followed by a 3-month Immersion phase in a global hub of Social Innovation. Due to the pandemic and restrictions on travel this version of the program is currently suspended.

Have you considered the Social Innovation Management digital edition of the program? We concluded our very successful first digital edition in December and have recently started the second edition with 32 Fellows from all over the world making our award-winning program even more accessible!

Whether you decide on the digital edition or the blended program, you can attend and complete the Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management even if you are currently working.

Next Program Starting Date Immersion Phase Dates* Location Application Scholarship Deadline Application Final Deadline
July 26th, 2021 Digital edition June 14th, 2021 July 5th, 2021


We believe more than ever that a new generation of changemakers will be needed to shape the way we live after this disruptive experience. This is why we are launching the third digital edition of our Post-Graduate Social Innovation Management program.

We are also closely monitoring the status of the pandemic and restrictions on travel to resume our global in-person programs as soon as possible.


Not sure how it looks like? Learn more about it here!

This program is for you if:

You want your work to have meaning and impact and are a person with the courage, empathy, vision and determination needed to create change.
You want to:



Explore your future

You feel restless in your current job or and are ready to understand and pursue your true purpose.
Read Emilia’s story and Gabriel’s story


Unlock your entrepreneurial potential

You want to create your own social venture or are looking to apply creative skills inside an organization.
Read Krisstina’s story and Richard’s story


Have a positive impact in the world

No matter the sector, you want your work to have an impact and build a career you are proud of.
Read Nikhil’s story and Tainà’s story


Accelerate your Career

You want to build a strong global network of like-minded professionals who are contributing to systemic change on a larger scale.
Read Renelyn’s story and Ayush’s story

The Program

Program Elements

Through this innovative program, you will gain both systemic and granular understanding of the social impact sector, build cutting-edge 21st-century skills with the help of global practitioners who are masters in the fields of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Management, Communication, and Innovation while becoming part of an engaging global community of impact professionals.

The intensity and practical nature of the program mean that you gain as much in just 6 months as you would in a traditional 2-year Master’s program.

You will also think deeply about your own goals and motivations, align who you are with what you want to do, and create a new strategy for your career.

  • 10 skill-building courses from globally recognized master practitioners.
  • A 200-hour+ apprenticeship in a local organization (for those who are not already working) to immediately apply your learning on the job and make sense of the impact sector.
  • A wide range of networking opportunities to introduce you to the community of changemakers in the city of your immersion, with guest speakers, events, social gatherings.
  • 2 intensive learning trips with your classmates to amazing destinations in your immersion country.
  • ‘Global dialogue’ video calls with peers from other countries and webinars with Amani alumni to strengthen your connection to the community and learn from peers.
  • 6 individual coaching sessions during and after the program to support you in accelerating your career.

Our promise

You will build a global network, develop the professional experience, self-awareness, leadership capacity, and innovation skills you need to create change.

Today I believe that the Philippines is a place where I can make the most difference. The SIM program has given me the space to apply and practice in my home country what I’ve learned in the immersion phase and I couldn’t have been happier for the chance to bring impact home.” MIA TENGCO Kenya 2016.

Gain Expertise

Gain Expertise

10 highly interactive and practical skills courses

Here a sample of the mix of the courses from past editions.

  • The Practice of Social Innovation
  • The Inner Journey of the Changemaker
  • Building Intrapreneurship Skills
  • Managing your Career in the Impact Sector
  • Bio-Empathy: Learning Innovation from Nature
  • Storytelling as a Leadership Skill
  • Brand Thinking for Changemakers
  • Measuring Social Impact
  • Fundraising for Social Impact
  • Leading Purpose-Driven Teams

The courses provide practical tools and methods to help you master the topics – in total, you will learn more than 70 new tools/frameworks that you can apply immediately in your work.


The courses are so practical. Each week I find myself applying what I learnt the previous week into my current job.” NATALIE LUKKENAER (Netherlands), Kenya 2015.


Gain Experience

Gain Experience!

Apply on the job

With our emphasis on real-world application, during the Immersion phase you will also apply on-the-job what you learn, and make sense of the social impact sector. You will work a minimum of 20 hours a week, through:

  • Targeted application in your own place of work if you already have a job or your own start-up, OR
  • A 3-month apprenticeship

You will experience first-hand the immense challenges and possibilities involved in social innovation. No matter where you are doing your practice, you will need to create a solution to a challenge inside the organization or come up with a new innovation. We refer to this as the “intrapreneurship challenge”.





Develop your own Social Innovation Project

During the program, you will develop a new idea to address a social problem or opportunity that you personally care about. Through our innovation methodology, we will guide you through a structured process for generating creative ideas. You will prototype a new idea for social change, see how the world reacts, and present your project to complete the program.



Build a special connection to the country of your choice, and beyond!

The program includes two multi-day field trips to beautiful parts of the country, site visits, and local field experiences through which you get the chance to dive deeper into the local realities of Kenya or Brazil.

A networking event specifically designed for you, and a series of opportunities to deeply connect with Amani Institute’s alumni community and to engage with local and global impact experts and practitioners will provide you with a powerful lasting professional network of support.

Gain Experience

Gain Insight!

Align who you are with the work you want to do, and prepare for the road ahead.


Personal Leadership Development

Our signature personal leadership development curriculum, called The Inner Journey of the Changemaker, is a unique component of the program relative to other educational institutions. The course features many tools and practices of self-development to help you align your passions and purpose, understand how to manage yourself in a demanding field of work and thrive in a constantly changing world. Several past Fellows have called this course life-changing!


Individual Support

Throughout the program, you will have regular meetings with Amani staff to assess your progress and ensure you are continually learning and growing, coaching you to make the most of the experience and strategize about your career path. You may also have up to two additional coaching sessions after the program ends.


Tentative Program Structure

Foundation Phase (12 weeks)

Online, no matter where you are in the world.

  • 2-3 webinars per week, at fixed times and dates that will be announced in advance.
  • Independent remote work that will require an average of 10 hours per week.

Immersion Phase (13 weeks)

  • One 4-day trip at the beginning of the Immersion phase.
  • One 3-day trip at the end of the program.
  • Apprenticeship (for those who don’t have already a job): 20-25 hours a week, usually from Monday to Wednesday or as agreed with the apprenticeship host organization, always compatible with Amani Institute courses

  • Skills Courses usually run every Thursday and Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and approximately two Saturdays per month from 9 am to 5 pm.

Certifications and Accreditation


Lynn University, Florida, USA

Completing this program means you complete 25% of an MBA through Lynn University. The rest of the MBA can be done either online or at Lynn’s campus in Florida, USA.


University for Peace, Costa Rica

Become eligible for the United Nations-mandated University for Peace Diploma in Social Innovation by only completing two additional online courses.


Ashoka U

Ashoka U – Cordes Award for Innovations in Higher Education

Since 2011, Ashoka U and the Cordes Foundation have recognized outstanding programmatic innovations that transform how colleges and universities foster changemaking education on campus. Amani Institute was awarded in 2017 in the category “Student Pathways”.


World Education Congress

In 2017, Amani Institute also received the World Education Congress Award for Leadership in Education.

Who we are looking for

Diversity is one of the foundations of the Amani experience. The vastly different backgrounds of our Fellows are critical to the program, which thrives on the stories and perspectives they bring with them.

While we look for diversity in terms of personal and professional backgrounds, all of our Fellows go through a competitive selection process and share the Amani values.



Private Sector



Public Sector



Recent Graduate



Social Sector


Formal requirements

  • A university degree (undergraduate/Bachelor’s) OR
  • At least two years of practical experience (either working or volunteering) in the social sector.
  • Alignment with our core values: Vision, Courage, Empathy, Changemaking and a Global Mindset.

Learn About Our Alumni

You can check the full list here

Costs and Scholarships

Your Investment

Program Cost: USD 7950 (including a non-refundable deposit of USD 1000 upon acceptance into the program).

Note: This fee does not cover your airfare and entry visa to Kenya or Brazil nor your daily expenses while there. Living costs can vary widely depending on your lifestyle choices. Our monthly estimate for living costs for an international Fellow is around 800$ in São Paulo and Nairobi.

Life in Nairobi

(The program) is one of the greatest experiences of my life. It has a totally innovative approach addressing a variety of topics, e.g. design thinking, systems change, and at the same time you will have the chance to practice that in different organizations to make a positive social change. Trust me this is the best social innovation learning-by-doing experience I’ve ever had. JERRY ZHU (China), Kenya 2013.

I was looking for something aligned with my career, impact driven and with practical solutions that I could immediately apply to my work. I got all of that with an additional element that was the inner journey! AMANDA SEGNINI (Brazil), Brazil 2015.

What You Get


10 courses to build professional skills in high demand by leading employers, taught by global experts, who will be forever part of your personal network.


A 3-month apprenticeship in a leading organization in your field of interest and management of the relationship with the host organization. This also includes securing your legal status to volunteer in your country of immersion.


A personalized leadership development journey through coaching, peer coaching and interactions with guest speakers who are leaders of social change from around the world.


All travel expenses associated with field visits, including the two 4-day trips, which are a highlight of the Immersion Phase.


Advice and connections to enable your next career step, ongoing alumni support, further learning activities, and network building.


From the Foundation Phase to the end of the Program, we take care of you and your personal and professional development.


Amani Institute understands that the cost of the program may still be difficult for some of our participants. As a result, there will be limited financial aid available in extreme cases of need. Please note that any scholarship offered only covers the cost of the Program. We do not sponsor airfare and housing.


Videos and Pictures

Watch this playlist to learn more about the program

A Glimpse Into Our Classes

Our learning approach is project-based, working in teams – like how work actually happens in the real world. The content is always built on real world case studies, both local and global examples. Close interactions with leaders and role models in the same field as well as peer-coaching are part of all our classes.


Faculty and Guest Speakers at Amani

Our faculty has included a Nobel Peace laureate, experts in leadership development from McKinsey & Company, an award-winning documentary producer, a leading foundation director, and many others.


Life in Nairobi, and São Paulo

What is it like to live in Nairobi, Kenya or São Paulo, Brazil? These emerging hubs of social innovation offer a rich cultural offering and both countries feature some of the world’s most amazing natural beauty.


Getting to Know the Social Change Sector

Field trips and apprenticeships in Social Enterprises or NGOs can show you the vast opportunities in the social change sector and what it takes to actually make change happen.



At Amani Institute people from all over the world come together to learn. We are proud of the diversity represented in our team, Fellows, instructors and guest speakers!