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Adults learn by doing, and then reflecting on what they have done. Ideally this should happen at the edge of their comfort zone, which is where new understanding and learning happens. Also critical is coaching from peers, and close interactions with leaders and role models in the same field. At Amani Institute, all these elements are woven tightly into the fabric of every course or training that we run.

One example that brings all this together is our approach to teaching social innovation. Adapting insights from the fields of technology, design thinking, lean start-up and social entrepreneurship, the Amani Social Innovation Framework is at the core of much of our programming. This framework is a process that helps students create a new idea in a few simple steps.




Seven Elements of Social Innovation

A new framework emerges for social innovation education.

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UNICEF and Amani Institute


UNICEF Jordan invited us to train their network of local partners, with the goal to create a social innovation curriculum for more than 40,000 Syrian refugee and vulnerable Jordanian youth, to build creativity skills and provide a sense of hope in difficult times.

Social Innovation Safari

Social Innovation Safari

Hivos invited us to create a 10-day innovation training program for civil society leaders; participants came from more than 10 African countries.

Amani Fellow Social Innovation Projects

Social Innovation Projects – Amani Fellows

Jesah Segal (USA) and Naomi Wanjiru (Kenya) created an organization called Plastic Fantastic. Katja van Heugten (Netherlands) and Sofi Karmlind (Sweden) developed a platform to create a sustainable life. Maira Valladares’ (Brazil) project on healthy cooking was even featured on Kenyan TV.

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