Through a new model of higher education, we develop professionals who create social impact.

We partner with leading institutions to develop skills their staff or clients need to make social change.

Join a global community of professionals dedicated to creating a world beyond boundaries!

What we do

Social Innovation Management

  • Course runs in English - Next Program: July 2017 - March 2018

This unique, field-based program brings together a diverse cohort of 40 individuals to take their professional skills to the next level, build a global network, and understand how to create change, while exploring a city with a thriving innovation culture. Over nine months, Fellows will train at the depth and pace necessary for success – the intensity is equivalent to a 2-year traditional post-graduate or masters degree.


Professional Courses

  • Courses run in English - In Sao Paulo or Nairobi

We provide highly interactive 3-day courses on cutting-edge professional skills, led by international experts, and based on real-life cases and challenges, including those proposed by participants. Main areas of focus: Leadership, Management, Creativity, and Communication.



  • Location flexible - We come to you!

We offer customized, in-house training for leading NGOs, corporations, and foundations across a number of topics critical to professional success in the 21st century. We work individually with each organization to develop the type of professional training they need. We would welcome the opportunity to do the same for you, depending on your needs and aspirations for your team or clients.


Educational Institutions

  • Location flexible - We come to you!

We partner with universities and other educational institutions eager to give their students a head start in their careers and move towards new models of teaching and learning. We do this through teaching courses, training faculty and staff, and developing new curricula together.



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We’re launching in India!

Interested in social impact in India? Let us know if you want to be informed about course announcements or work with us to strengthen your internal team capacity. We’d love to hear from you!