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We develop people & organizations to lead social impact


People want more and higher impact work

To catch-up, keep pace, and overcome expanding global challenges we need to create more impact, more quickly

We believe the key to unleashing this impact is to transform work, where we spend most of our collective time, energy and money. We achieve this by supporting people on their journey to high impact work leveraging a transformational learning methodology.

Our mission: to develop people and organizations to lead social impact

Our programs offer specialist learning experiences developed with expertise in innovation, adaptive methodologies, and insights.

We use adult learning methodologies to develop knowledge and apply theory in practice. Our extensive course library covers topics including leadership, management, communication, and innovation. Courses are taught by over 60 highly trained facilitators from around the globe, including a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

We are passionate about building a thriving ecosystem of organizations and people that cross geographical and sectoral boundaries ensuring each Amani Institute graduate leaves with lifelong networks.

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We deliver custom trainings locally in this page.

Accelerate your organization’s growth and impact

Talent is recognized as one of the biggest obstacles to the growth and impact of organizations across the world. The largest share of our work includes partnering with global NGOs, social enterprises, corporates, and governments as well as diverse small and medium sized organizations all over the world. We design and deliver trainings to their unique needs, wherever it may be.

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Social impact professionals trained
countries working across every UN SDG and sector
Custom training programs designed and delivered
Clients impacted by our work

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Planting the Seed for Entrepreneurship through Microloans in Uganda and Brazil
April 3, 2023

Planting the Seed for Entrepreneurship through Microloans in Uganda and Brazil

Bridging Gaps is a non-profit that aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing microloans to refugees and entrepreneurs in Uganda and Brazil. Through their community-based approach, local partnerships, and support for women and minorities, they empower individuals to start their own businesses and create new financial structures. Their unique model includes community loan groups, where members support each other and repay the loans. If you want to learn more about Bridging Gaps, visit their website or reach out to their team.
March 8, 2023

One-of-a-kind organizations paving the way for women and gender

International Women’s Day is a crucial reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and the need for continued action …

Big sheet of paper with post its under two columns - causes and effects
October 11, 2022

Cultivating Meaning out of the Unknown

By Anjum Dhamija, Amani Institute Fellow

After spending 2 years working at the intersection of technology and business in …