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May 30 - Jun 01

Building and Communicating Your Leadership Presence

Course Description

This is a 3 day transformational course that will provide you with tools and knowledge on how to better communicate your ideas and proposals in a coherent and impactful manner for your intended constituencies. Through bespoke coaching, pitching presentations and training, Jon will acknowledge and evaluate the journey your idea for creating change has been on so far, challenge you to fill in any gaps, build on your strengths and show up in powerful new ways. Drawing on his 20+ years of experience, Jon will help you shape your idea, give you the inspiration, insights and tools to both really show up and craft the most powerful project possible.
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Jon Duschinsky
Founder of bethechange – Social Impact Consultancy

Course run in



[email protected]


Amani Institute

Insecta Center, Braeside Gardens Nairobi

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