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May 24 - 26

Games for Social Impact

Course Description

We believe that “nothing is truly learned until it is lived.” Therefore, this course invites us to experience the theory and practice of Cooperative Games, discovering what is possible and healthy to live and play “with each other instead of against each other” at work, school, family, community and society.

This course offers knowledge and practice in cooperative game and games for social change. It promotes an experience of different types of cooperative games and how they can be applied in different contexts, including: corporate, educational, non-governmental, community, family and personal. We’ll share ideas and experiences, and encourage the practice of cooperation in personal and professional environments.

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Edgard Gouveia Júnior
Founder of LiveLab and Epic Journey.


Thursday from 6pm to 10pm; Friday and Saturday from 9am to 6pm

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[email protected]

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