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Leading Change Inside an Organization

Course Description

“This course looks at ways in which how to bring change and/or innovation inside an organization/system. Specifically, we will discuss social intrapreneurship as a form of innovation. However, it is important for us to not only define “the what” or the idea itself, but also to learn potential ways on how to be effective in executing that change- even within in environments that is likely to resist that change.

We will look at Upward Management, listening messaging, influencing and feedback as important tools and techniques to support us in navigating our change efforts. The course will include conceptual frameworks, open discussions, many exercises, including self- reflection and some exciting guest speakers. At the end of the course, you can expect to: Learn about the concept of social intrapreneurship as a way of social innovation inside an organisation. Understand the key elements of the “Adaptive Leadership” framework and understand how it relates to being able to effectively leading change. Gain the skill to effectively diagnose the systems you want to change. Reflect on your role and behavior in an adaptive challenge. Gain the skills and techniques to effectively communicate with different target audiences to make change/innovation happen.


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