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May 31

Innovation Bazaar

Join us for our first Innovation Bazaar in India! Innovation Bazaar is an idea networking event, where 9 Social Innovators will pitch their ideas and receive feedback and support. In case you’re not familiar with the concept of idea networking, it is a process and tool of getting feedback on an idea, while it is still being developed in order to improve it or build it further. There are limited spots available to be part of this event, so register before it’s too late!


Anjali Das, Amani Fellow, Empathetic Employers

Gabriela Kertzman, Amani Fellow, Ride Safe and Look Cool

Jayanth, Socratease

Meghana Srinivas, TrustIn

Metztli Zepeda, Amani Fellow, Cowsical

Pramodh Chandrashekar, Last Ripple

Saloni Mehta, Tactopus Learning Solutions

Tena Pick, Project Kal

Vinay Kothari, GO DESi






Amani Institute

5/8 Magrath Road

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